Add-on courses

Add-on courses

Multi crew skills as well as general and instrument flying techniques in the jet cockpit are necessary in any airline environment. The transition from a single piston aircraft to a twin-engine narrow-body jet airliner can often be challenging for newly qualified pilots. Therefore this course provides qualified CPL (A)/IR (A) license holder standard knowledge of jet aircraft handling on airline entry level in a real cockpit environment. The training content can be tailored to meet your requirements and specific operational procedures. Thus the Jet Orientation Course is even for experienced pilots the perfect airline screening preparation. For type rating candidates it presents the ideal introduction for the training.


  • Valid and current CPL(A) with ME / IR
  • ATPL(A) (written exam)
  • valid Medical Class I
  • Fluent English

Course content:

  • 1 day ground school
  • 3 Sessions B737 NG Fixed Base Simulator Training; 12 hours per crew
  • complete set of manuals & study materials

Training duration:

4 days

The command course offered by Cockpit4u prepares experienced pilots for taking on the position of captain. Within a six-day period, experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know about decision-making, teamwork as well as how to behave with crew and passengers. You can then deepen your knowledge in simulator training.

Do you want to begin your career as a pilot at a world renowned airline? Training with us means laying the foundation for your future career. Cockpit4u also supports you in preparing for your job interview. Together, we’ll take a close look at your strengths and weaknesses, and discuss frequently asked questions pertaining to the theoretical and practical aspects of the flight industry. You will receive tips on both body language and elocution.

We are also happy to offer you advice when it comes to putting together your application (cover letter, CV, application photo, covering page) and can help you decide which airline is right for you. Your training will take place in a pleasant atmosphere, with professional instructors and feature real-life job interview scenarios which you will work through individually and in role playing exercises. You will be given feedback throughout your training to ensure that you gain a feeling of assurance and self-confidence.

Cockpit4u will also support you as you prepare for your screening: we will address frequently asked questions of a theoretical and practical nature, and also run through a selection of flight simulator programmes.

After preparing for your interview with an HR manager and your screening, you should be a candidate with plenty of self confidence.
Our MS Word template will also help you write your CV, and ensure that no important information is missing from it.

To keep your type rating, you must complete a yearly check flight together with an examiner. Special refresher training will help you to brush up on your system and process knowledge and prepare you for your simulator exam as well. In the event that your type rating expired a while back, we’ll take care of the special programmes you will need to complete in order to renew it. We are also here for you if you have any regulatory questions.

Are you a captain or First Officer who would like to share expertise and experience with other pilots? In compliance with EASA-FCL requirements, Cockpit4u offers individual and practical qualification for pilots who wish to become a Type Rating Instructor (TRI) or Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI). In addition to subject-specific topics, issues relating to knowledge transfer will be focused on and explained such as teaching, personality, communication, feedback and evaluation.


  • professional pilot license issued by an EASA Member State or a non EASA license acceptable to the Authority
  • minimum 1500 hours on multi-pilot aeroplanes
  • successfully completed type rating course


  • within the last 12 month preceding the application completed:
  • Proficiency Check3 legs on applicable aircraft type
  • or   2 LOFT-based simulator sessions


  • at least 30 route sectors completed within the last 12 months preceding the application, to include take-offs and landings as Pilot-in-Command or Co-Pilot on the applicable aircraft type he will instruct, of which not more than 15 sectors may be completed in a full flight simulator

Course content (FCL.930):

  • 25 hours Teaching and Learning
  • 10 hours Technical Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
  • 10 hours Flight Instruction (FFS)
  • 02 hours Assessment Of Competence (FFS)
  • Study material

Training duration:

  • appr. 10 days

You are a startup airline and need support to build up your operations? You expand your fleet by a new aircraft type and need flight operational know-how and training support? Then Cockpit4u is the right partner for you!

With our provable expertise, we support you in establishing your manuals, obtain operational approval and establishing the training documentation. Upon request we provide the assistance of our experienced Line Trainer to perform the advanced education "Train-the Trainer" of your future Line Training Captains on your aircraft.

Supplementary to qualified captains we can also place well trained first officer to satisfy your staff requirements.