Professional pilots

Professional pilots

Do you want to fly a new aircraft type or renew or revalidate a type rating? Are you looking to quickly prepare for a screening?

At Cockpit4u we offer a large selection of Fixed Based and Full Flight Simulators and cater to your individual training needs. We can tell you everything you need to know about the type ratings of different aircraft types. We look forward to receiving your inquiry and are happy to make to you an offer.

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Airbus S.A.S. is the largest airplane manufacturer in Europe. With its numerous type ratings that follow a logical sequence in the systems, Airbus offers airlines around the world a large and future-oriented selection for short, medium and long haul flights.

With us you can learn how to fly these airplanes. Our selection oftype ratings includes nearly all Airbus aircraft. For many pilots the bestselling A320 is the aircraft that they fly at the beginning of their careers. The bulk orders of aircraft from India and other Asian airlines will mean an increased need of crews. We are prepared for this – and our airline customers profit from our large selection of type ratings in all stages of crew training.

You’ll find more information about EADS and Airbus here, and to see our offer for your Airbus type rating, please click here.

The nearly 100-year history of aircraft manufacturer Boeing is marked by groundbreaking ideas and technical innovations. One classic is most definitely the B737, a model which has consistently been developed further. We offer type rating training for the next generation (NG) of this aircraft type. We’re also the right training partner for crews who need type ratings for the 747 and the 777.

With more than 16,000 airplanes delivered, Boeing remains the largest airplane manufacturer in the world. With its fleet rejuvenation plan, it will offer pilots and airlines aircraft types featuring between 100 and 500 seats in future too. Take a seat in the cockpit. We’re here to help you do it.

You’ll find more information on the Boeing Company here. If you need a Boeing type rating, please click here.

Bombardier Inc. is an expert when it comes to business jets and regional airliners. Bombardier aircraft are flown around the world.

After Boeing and Airbus, Bombardier is the third-largest airplane manufacturer in the world and it consistently adds to its fleet. Be part of this success story – and get your type rating with us. Cockpit4u offers type ratings for a total of six Bombardier aircraft types.

You’ll find more information about Bombardier and its aircraft here. Ask us about your seat in the cockpit.