Christos Diamantopoulos is the Managing Director at Cockpit4u. His flying carrier started in 1990 on Boeing B737 and today he is a Captain on board the Airbus A320 of a German Airline. He also holds the privileges as a trainer and examiner. The center of his life is his familiy with whom he loves to travel the world with to balance his work life.

Planning & Operations |
Compliance Monitoring

Daniela Chmiel, the international tourism assistant with a master's degree of the University Birmingham/UK pulls the strings together. She plans the training and organizes all required processes, from the registration of our customers, scheduling the courses to the issue of the certificates. Her fluent English and Spanish conduce to deal with our international clientele and the foreign authorities.


Nadin-Carolin Markuc is Sales Manager and responsible for planning the training and organising all necessary processes - from the registration of our customers to developing training schedules and controlling the training procedures. Always looking to expand her knowledge, she has completed two Master Degrees in Aviation Management as well as Economics - Marketing and Sales.

Planning & Operations

Leif Jürgenlohmann is the first point of contact in our front office. Being also the responsible customer care agent, he looks after the different matters of our clients, trainers and business partners. Before joining the Cockpit4u-team, he gained wide ranged experiences in Aviation, working as a flight attendant, operations controller and crew planner.  He holds a private pilot license and has successfully completed the ATPL examinations.


Sales & Customer Service

Güler Golze is an aviation clerk and responsible for the front office area. She has many years of experience in the aviation industry, most recently in the Joint Aviation Authority Berlin-Brandenburg. In addition, she worked for several years in the Operations Control Center and crew scheduling department for a business airline and has very good language skills in English, French and Turkish.


Lena Fiedler is responsible for marketing at Cockpit4u. 
After studying political science, she gained professional experience in public relations and as a journalist for regional newspapers. Furthermore, she supports the Department Planning and Operations.

Training & Standards

Dr. Hans Joachim Weinberger is appointed Head of Training. He is responsible to ensure, that the highest safety standards are maintained and the training is in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. This includes – but is not limited to the documentation and the recruitment and promotion of training staff. He started flying 1981 and gained experience through Cessna Citation, Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 Family aircraft. He holds trainer and examiner certificates for the A320 Family. He is committed to ensure a training environment that enables each individual trainee a successful development of his knowledge, skills and professional capabilities.

Training & Standards

Torsten Ihle is the appointed Chief Flight Instructor. He is responsible for the supervision of the flight simulation training instructors and for the standardization of all flight simlation instruction. He started flying as a military pilot in 1984. In 2000 he became an airliner pilot. He flew the Boeing 737 and Fokker 100. Finally, he has been operating the Airbus A320 Family since 2011. He holds trainer and examiner certificates for the A320 Family. His goal is a professional training environment at Cockpit4u on a high level of standardization, compliance and quality. 

Training & Standards

Georgios Diamantopoulos supports the Training Department in administrative and organizational matters as a training assistant. Since the passion of aviation accompanied him since childhood, he began immediately after graduation with the pilot training and has since 2017 his private pilot license. He's currently working on his CPL.

The Instructors

The instructors of Cockpit4u are active pilots for national and international airlines as well as former pilots with substantial knowledge. Due to our wide service portfolio of our company we have already 60 trainers and examiners, who transfer their practical expertise if necessary to experienced pilots and career starters. This enables Cockpit4u to have a comprehensive flexibility and rapidity to respond to individual customer requests.