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Additional SFI/TRI Course in April


Additional SFI/TRI course (Part I - Teaching and Learning) for April

Cooperation with Airways Aviation Academy

Website | Berlin Schönefeld

Cockpit4u Aviation Service and Airways Aviation Academy (AAA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 6th February 2019, whereby AAA and Cockpit4u will be providing a framework for the development of a constructive and successful joint working arrangement.

Flight Crew Futures - 16 May | London Gatwick

Pilot Careers Live | London| November 4, 2017

Flight Crew Futures: a fresh approach to career opportunities for experienced and new pilots

Get ready for our A320 Fixed Base Sim

Highest training standards for Type Ratings and pilot training

Type Rating Training A320 Fixed Base Simulator Cockpit4u_FBTA320_2_700_400.jpg
Cockpit4u and Flightsimtech have signed an agreement for the delivery of an A320 Fixed Base Simulator. The device will be delivered in Q1/2017 and will be installed in the Cockpit4u training center at Berlin-Schoenefeld (SXF).

MCC (incl. JOC) on Boeing 737-300 FFS

Training | Berlin-Schönefeld


MCC/JOC training on B737-300 FFS

Cockpit4u now offers MCC/JOC courses on the B737-300 Level D Full Flight Simulator in Berlin-Schoenefeld.