Type Rating

We currently offer type rating courses for aircraft from the three largest manufacturers: Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier.
Courses for Airbus A320 and B737 start weekly, individual appointments can be arranged at any time.


The MCC course is the last course you need to take as part of your ATPL training and prepares you for type rating training. You will have an experienced instructor by your side, who will help you if there are problems and also give you helpful advice and information on what it is like to be an airline pilot.
Courses start every two weeks, individual appointments can be arranged at any time. Please also check our type ratings with integrated MCC courses.

Train-the-Trainer (SFI / TRI)

Are you a captain or First Officer who would like to share expertise and experience with other pilots? In compliance with EASA-FCL requirements, Cockpit4u offers individual and practical qualification for pilots who wish to become a Type Rating Instructor (TRI) or Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI). Please check the dates for the upcoming courses.