Schedules Train-the-Trainer (SFI / TRI)

Train-the-Trainer (SFI / TRI)

Part 1 - Teaching and Learning

Successful training is characterized by instructors giving support and encouragement through a trainee-centred and solution-focused approach.

Our Type Rating Instructor training courses are designed to provide the participant with the required theoretical background in flight procedures and synthetic flight instruction. After completion, the candidate will be able to administer effective methods of instruction mandatory for multi-crew cooperation and issue of a type rating. The courses at Cockpit4u are fully EASA approved according to Part-FCL.930.

The EASA course takes 12 days in total (without breaks), splitted into

  • 4 days Teaching and Learning (Part 1) and
  • 8 days theoretical knowledge instruction, SIM instruction and Assessment of Competence (Part 2, 3 & AoC) – depending on SIM availability.

Course content:

  • Part 1: Teaching and Learning (25 hrs)
  • Part 2: Technical Training (10 hrs)
  • Part 3: Instructor Training and FFS Flight Instruction (10 hrs per pilot)
  • AoC: Assessment of Competence FCL.935 (FFS) (2 hrs per pilot)

Are you interested? You can reach us via phone, Skype or e-mail. Please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to answer all questions regarding the course.


TRI/SFI (EASA Part-FCL) - SEP 2020
Part 1 - Teaching and Learning

TRI/SFI (EASA Part-FCL) - OCT 2020
Part 1 - Teaching and Learning

TRI/SFI (EASA Part-FCL) - NOV 2020
Part 1 - Teaching and Learning

TRI/SFI (EASA Part-FCL) - DEZ 2020
Part 1 - Teaching and Learning