Cooperating flight schools

Cooperating flight schools

Air Alliance

Air Alliance offers various aviation services, and also trains commercial pilots. It offers individualised courses, from PPL to ATPL, as well as so-called flying Bachelor’s courses in cooperation with the Bad Honnef Airport. As Air Alliance is an international facility, most of the theoretical and practical training it offers is taught in English. You’ll find more information on the Air Alliance flight school here.


The ARDEX flight school’s range of services at the Kyritz Airport includes licenses for private pilots to commercial pilots. There are also many flight services offered. All of the airplanes can be chartered with or without a pilot. Business travel, sightseeing flights and photography flights are also available. The owner-managed pilot school has a friendly and open atmosphere. You’ll find more information on the ARDEX flight school here.

Flight school Hamburg

The Hamburg flight school was established in 2001, and has since expanded to become a pilot school, where around 30 future pilots are trained every year. The flight school, airline with taxi service and sightseeing flights all have a personal touch. You’ll find more information on the Hamburg flight school here.

LGM Skyservice

LGM Luftfahrt GmbH has been a licensed aviation company with a flight school and flight service since 1980. The international flight school has to date provided training for more than 1,000 professional pilots for airplanes (ATPL-A) and helicopters (CPL-H). The flight service includes, e.g. business travel, freight flights, photography and filming flights as well as sightseeing flights. You’ll find more information on LGM Luftfahrt GmbH here.

Griffon Aviation

Griffon Aviation is the leading FTO in Cypress. Its fleet meets the high standards defined in EU-FCL. It offers courses for everything from the PPL to ATPL. You’ll find more information on Griffon Aviation here.

Egnatia Aviation

Egnatia Aviation was founded in 2006 with the purpose of training airline pilots. At the moment EA is the largest school in Greece and this is proven by the fact that in 2012, 2013 and 2014 EA has flown more than the rest of the general aviation in Greece. The school’s premises are in the International Airport of Kavala, Greece and training is conducted by instructors with vast experience according to EASA rules.

Egnatia Aviation partnership with Qatar Aeronautical College for the training of pilots of Qatar Airways, has rewarded our efforts and has contributed to further development. Today, Egnatia Aviation is cooperating with Air Arabia for the training of their pilots and is currently in discussion with other major airlines.