Your home base is in Berlin



Our campus

We are your partner when it comes to obtaining your type rating, which also means that we want your stay with us to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. This is why we will help you to find a well-priced apartment or hotel room where you can live while you train with us. One big advantage for you is the fact that you’ll find many lodging options in close proximity to the Training and Simulator Centre. And a shuttle bus will take you to and from your training every day - free of charge.

With our new partner your lodgings will be even more comfortable, at Meininger Hotel you will feel like home. For Cockpit4u guests a wide selection of special services are available (i.e. airliner lounge, free WiFi and more). Your needs as a trainee pilot will be met there.

Berlin – a hub
Be it by car, train or airplane – coming to Berlin is easy. Taking a low-cost flight on airberlin, Germanwings, Ryanair or easyJet to Berlin is an especially economical solution. You can take a non-stop flight on these airlines to the biggest cities in Europe. Also traditional airlines will take you non-stop to Berlin from anywhere in the world.

The city of Berlin
Getting your type rating should not be all work. Enjoy your days off and discover one of the most exciting and diverse cities in Europe. Berlin has something for everyone – incredible architecture, fantastic shopping areas, a unique flair and plenty of culture. We’ll help you plan your excursions and give you insider tips as well.