Success Stories

Abschließend auch nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank für die gute Betreuung und die ausgesprochen gute Ausbildung bei Cockpit4u!! Man kann euer Unternehmen auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen! Ich habe dies auch bereits getan und mein ehemaliger Fluglehrer [...] hat nach mir ebenfalls bei euch mit seinem Typerating angefangen. Soweit ich weiß war auch er sehr zufrieden!

[...] Ich verfolge auch regelmäßig eure Facebookfanseite um mich auf dem Laufenden zu halten. Man bekommt dort einen sehr guten Überblick, was sich in der Luftfahrtbranche gerade tut. Das ist vor allem für junge Piloten ohne entsprechende Erfahrung sehr wichtig um am hart umkämpften Arbeitsmarkt bestehen zu können.

Ich schätze es vor allem, dass Cockpit4u auch bestrebt daran ist, die Piloten nach dem absolvierten Typerating auch an Airlines zu vermitteln! Dies hat mir z.B. bei meiner ehemaligen Flugschule sehr gefehlt. Schließlich zahlt man als Kunde ja auch eine Menge Geld und erwartet sich von seiner Investition auch etwas. In diesem Sinne wünsche ich Dir und eurem Unternehmen weiterhin viel Erfolg und viele zufriedene Schüler!
Oliver, Germany

As far as the training is concerned i would like to express my gratitude to the management of your organisation from one side and to the entire team of instructors of C4u from other side for their extraordinary and outstanding efforts for training me...
...I continue thinking that if  i had to choose one more time to pass this training again i wouldn't hesitate to choose the course in Berlin. First of all i wouldn't receive that quality of training on another place. Another reason for that is that on other place i wouldn't exert the same efforts to study that hard for reaching up the necessity level of training. And at the end i am grateful for the great feeling to show off in my personal information in applying for a job that i have passed the TR training exactly in Berlin but not anywhere else...
...To be honest i must tell you i had been recommended your Training organisation to graduate the TR course by ... air company managers.
...Germany and especially your capital Berlin is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been and i am proud of it of course. The hotel from other side was extremely comfortable and pleasant. The organisation of transport to the center and the extras in the hotel itself made me feel really good and happy. And on the first place, the PEOPLE were really kind and always ready to help.
Tzvetomir Tzonev, Sofia (Bulgaria)

„Im Rahmen unseres Flottenwachstums hat uns Cockpit4u im Training von TRI's, TRE's und Piloten auf den Mustern Airbus A330 sowie Boeing B777 unterstützt. Wir erhielten höchst professionelles Training auf Weltklasse-Niveau."
Peter Pont, Acting VP Flight Training Emirates

„Cockpit4u bietet ein sehr professionelles Type Rating in einer sehr angenehmen Umgebung. Die individuelle Betreuung durch das gesamte Team umfasste die Bereitstellung einer komfortablen Unterkunft und endete schliesslich bei der Jobvermittlung. Die Instruktoren, welche alle aktive Verkehrspiloten sind, standen ab dem ersten Tag permanent zur Seite und unterstützten uns mit Rat und Tat. Das sehr modern ausgestattete Trainingszentrum von Cockpit4u ließ keine Wünsche offen und bot uns rund-um-die-Uhr freien Zugang zu allen Einrichtungen. Die geschickte Verknüpfung von Theorie und Praxis, das professionelle Management und die motivierten Instruktoren haben mit zum Erfolg meines Type Ratings beigetragen. Bereits 3 Wochen nach meinem Simulatorcheck hatte ich mit Unterstützung von Cockpit4u eine Jobzusage von Ost-Europa's führender Low-Cost Airline.“
David Peacock, Malaga (Spanien)

„I found the course and training excellent and to a high standard, and the after course assistance very helpful and timely. I have no problems in recommending Cockpit4u for type training, LPCs, and SFI / TRI courses.”
Captain David Phillip Pelchen

“The ambience at the institute is very friendly and soothing. The liberty to use the facilities round the clock facilitated us to work at our own pace and time. Amazing instructors both in respect of knowledge and teaching. Good study material. However, FBS training should be done. This would facilate to have an understanding about the flight concepts, real time understanding of cockpit procedures. And would have saved lot of time in FFS. Nice and pleasant accomodation. However, if a accomoda-tion could be arranged closer to the facility or at such location that there is no need to change train / bus, that would again facilitate commuting. Nevertheless, very good support by your team.”
Lalit Garg, India

I am spanish and unemployed pilot but in Cockpit4u I found a high quality training and I was very wrapped in a foreign country. Cockpit4u has modern facilities, experienced teachers and they helped me throughout my training. And I hope in the future increase my training with them.
Antonio Villena

“The learning atmosphere at C4U is very relaxing and stimulating. The helpful crew at C4U is always willing to help and assist with questions and issues of all kind. I found it very comfortable learning environment and a very good working environment. The instructors are all motivated and you sense that the team is working together very well.

The instructors are all active pilots, mostly captains, and have many years of experience on large aircraft. All are willing and eager to share their experience with you in a relaxing way. They treat you like equals and they are all motivated and passionate about flying. It is really fun to be trained by captains who share their passion with you. This is an additional boost to ones own motivation. None of the instructors is snobby about their status and all treat you as equals. This is really stimulating. 

The quality of the study material and the computer-based training material is very good. During the course all student have their own fully equipped desk and computer equipment during the course. This results in a very structured study environment. All material used is official airline and airplane manufacturers stuff. You are being trained on the simulators at Lufthansa Training Center in Berlin which is close to C4U. 

High compliments for the accomodation and the support provided by C4U to find accomodation during the course. In fact you don't have to worry about anything. It is really almost an all-inclusive package. Housing and lodging are provided at very attractive rates and one has the choice between fully furnitured appartments or a hotel. Restaurants and catering are on the airfield in the vicinity of C4U and lunches and meals are really a bargain. The environment also stimulates to build contacts with other students. 

Only positive words about the support provided by and the quality of the C4U team. They all are very committed and show a lot of personal interest in your well-being and your progress during the course. After the course they provide you with job-opportunities as much as possible.”
Ernst Jan Smit, The Netherlands 

"The atmosphere while learning
A great working in environment with excellent computer and physical training aids accompanied with very knowledgeable members of staff made my type rating a very enjoyable experience; I would definitely return to Cockpit4u, and have recommended them to many of my friends and colleagues. 

The competence of the instructor
Highly approachable current or former Captains, many of whom were rated on more than one aircraft, made the whole learning process come alive with references to real life situations and experiences that they had had. Their technical knowledge and their passion for flying accompanied by their willingness and ability to teach was outstanding. 

Quality of study material and equipment
The CBT is excellent, very thorough and breaks the course down into manageable chunks in a logical order.

The accommodation was clean, affordable and easily accessible from the cockpit4u office and sim centre. It was in close proximity to everything you needed on the course. 

Support by the Cockpit4u-Team
Excellent support before, during and after my rating. The organisation of the company and friendliness of all the staff is impecible- they think of everything! If only all companies were run in this way!"
Karl Stark

"Sure, think I will return."
Christian Dominguez

"I have to say that all the course was very good organized and the environment excellent. All the instructors and people in Cockpit4u very professional, and very helpful. The accomodation good."
Diana Reycabeza

"Ich habe nur einen einzigen (kurzen) Lehrgang bei Cockpit4u mitgemacht, der für mich individuell stattgefunden hat. 

Die Atmosphäre war allerdings sehr gut. Die Ausbilder, mit denen ich zu tun hatte, waren freundlich, kompetent, und SEHR hilfsbereit. Vor allem natürlich arbeite ich gerne mit Stefan Heuss persönlich zusammen, aber sämtliche anderen Instruktoren waren auch gut. Besonders die Briefings / Debriefings haben mir bei meinen bisherigen Simulatorchecks haben immer weitergeholfen. 

Die Unterstützung durch das Cockpit4u-Team kann ich mit einem einzigen Wort beantworten: Perfekt! Ich bekam immer, auch kurzfristig, meinen Wunschtermin zum Sim-Check. Beratungen am Telefon waren unkompliziert, und Antworten per Email kamen immer sofort. Herrn Stefan Heuss kenne ich schon seit Jahren, und schätze an ihm seine ruhige und stressfreie Art, seinen Humor und natürlich seine Kompetenz. Schade, dass wir immer nur relativ wenig Zeit haben. Die Leute im Büro erledigen nicht nur schnell alle notwendigen Papierarbeiten, sondern hatten immer auch noch Zeit, Fragen zu beantworten oder sich um Dinge zu kümmern die nicht nur unbedingt zu ihrem Aufgabenbereich gehören - beispielsweise ein Taxi rufen oder Kaffee machen. Das sind nur Kleinigkeiten, über die man sich aber immer freut. 

Ich schätze es ganz besonders, dass ich mich wirklich um gar nichts kümmern muss als um meinen Check. Es wäre für mich sonst sehr umständlich, wenn ich vom Ausland aus auch noch Probleme mit dem LBA lösen müsste wegen irgendwelcher Formulare und Anträgen. 

Unterkunft: Ich nutze, wenn ich zum jährlichen 16A4-Check nach Berlin komme, immer das Airport Hotel Berlin Schönefeld (heute Leonardo). Das ist dieser Plattenbau direkt gegenüber der LFT. Von dort aus kann ich zum Simulator laufen (5 Minuten), und es gibt einen Supermarkt, Restaurant und Bäckerei in unmittelbarer Nähe. Vom Flughafen Schönefeld aus ist es nur eine Station mit der S-Bahn. 

Alles in allem bin ich mit Cockpit4u wirklich sehr zufrieden. Die Atmosphäre bei Ihnen ist viel angenehmer, die Location ist günstiger, und Sie sind einfach viel flexibler bei meinen individuellen Bedürfnissen als andere Anbieter. Daher werde ich in Zukunft auch weiterhin ausschließlich zu Ihnen kommen."
David Krabbe

"The learning atmosphere was relaxed and efficient. Although I had made a lot of home study, being a TRI A300 converting to TRI A330, the preliminary discussion with the instructor, Ralph Basseler proved very useful, and engaging for the 2 next days, with young spanish trainees.

Ralph has proven to be a state of the art instructor, with discussions rather than boring briefings, and debriefings kept short and to the point: in short, a dream of a person to work with.

The training material (simulator program, simulator use manual) has been sent to me in due time for self learning, and I had no problem at all in handling all the stuff.

During the entire process of selecting a training center for my TRI conversion, Mrs. Heuss showed me the meaning of 'german efficiency': all documents requested by the Belgian CAA were forwarded in the shortest time, correct, and complete on every occasion. I wish I could encounter that kind of support in all centers I've been working with. (2 in Belgium and one in Hong Kong)

The hotel recommended by Mrs. Heuss fitted my needs: price, location, quietness were all what I expected.
Holger Herbert

"I would like to thank everyone who made my Type Rating with Cockpit4u so well organised and informative. The whole process from day one was extremely well planned with a wealth of experienced Instructors on hand whenever needed. The State of the Art Facilities at Lufthansa's Training Centre combined with Boeing procedures and excellent Instructions I believe, will put any Trainee in a highly employable situation. Many thanks to all the staff once again. Highly recommended"
Claudio Vidini (BSc) - Professional Pilot

"We are writing to you because we finally passed the skill check last week and now the target is closer ;) Both me and Massimiliano would like to thank you a lot for your kind help and support. We had great time in cockpit for you and we have to say that we received a good and precise training and support even with our not standard schedule. We have done our best, and we are sure that our willingness to find a position on the bus will finally find a positive ending.We both are sure you will continue to support us in order to reach our target."

Thanking you again for your professionalism, kindness and support, we wish you a nice Sunday
Andrea & Massimiliano

"Congratulations for successful completion of three years in aviation industry.CockpitCONNECT is a great invention by you and it is also a nice idea to communicate with clients by giving the information needful for them. Yes,I have certainly found a lot of information in this letter.Most of all I got to know that Cockpit4u has provided 100 crews for their type rating on  Boeing 737.This added a little hope in me that may be one day,Cokpit4u recommend me to Germanian ailrline for job if I deserve so.

I am happy to see the success of Cockpit4u at every stage.And I also hope that Cockpit4u keep me with it at every point of its successful event.

The very best Regards

"I was about to write you to say « Many thanks to all of yours » for the very professional training received. Competence, professionalism, punctuality, value for money, ... in brief, that's what I call « the German way ». From what I have seen elsewhere and according to my own experience, you are far ahead of your competitors. Keep up this good work and nice company.

Congratulations to you all, and, ....  a special distinction to Gunnar Carino (certainly a great asset within C4U).

All my kindest regards."
Edwin De Meester

"First of all, we would like to thank you for the informative day Jacob and I had with you on the 18th Dec. Everything about your school, facilities and people made a really good impression on us. Most of the people we had a chat with on the 17th from your office mentioned Airbus as the current best solution. You actually managed to change our own opinion that day away from Boeing:-) 

We are these days really "crunching" our minds towards making a final decision. There is no doubt about that we find your school as one of the most atractive. After reading your Christmas mail sent out, we would like you to send us your final offer for an Airbus TR.
Hope to be seeing you soon.“
Jacob & Peter

„To everyone at Cockpit4u.

I would just like to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cockpit4u. I found you all to be warm hearted, welcoming and very supportive. I met a lot of new people and also made a few friends along the way. 

I would like to take the opportunity to praise each and every one of you for doing such a fantastic job, your hard work and help made sure that my type rating would be a time I can look back on with fond memories, so I send a very big thank you at to all of you. Keep up the good work.

I will recommend Cockpit4u to everyone I know who is looking at undertaking a type rating. If anyone ever asks me about Cockpit4u I can assure you your company will receive the highest of praise and recommendation.

Yours sincerely,“
Carl M Grundy

„Would just like to say thank you for the interview preparation course on Tuesday. Gunnar Carino was very informative and practical and taught me a lot about how to conduct myself during a potential airline interview. Hopefully I can apply what I learnt from him some day soon.  Unfortunately this time my visit was very brief but yet again I was very satisfied with the course from Cockpit4u.

Kind Regards,“
Suroush Hosseini

„Finally both Jacob and I would like to express our utmost gratitude to you and Cockpit4U, for your proffessionalism, and the way you have been honest about the unpredictable future within the aviation industry. There is no doubt that due to the fact Jacob and I have found you the most serious of all the T/R schools we have talked with, we will recommend you to whomever might ask for a good and solid partner in the future.“
Peter & Jacob

„Zunächst erst einmal vielen lieben Dank für diese INFO mail. Das ist natürlich ein Service der besonderen Art von eurer Seite, den ich sehr gern annehme. Heutzutage ist es ja überhaupt nicht selbstverständlich, dass ein Unternehmen nach so langer Zeit noch Interesse an seinen Flugschülern hat. Bei den meisten zählt immer nur das liebe Geld. 

Ich habe schon damals nach meiner Ausbildung (Type Rating) 2006 gemerkt, dass Cockpit4u etwas anders ist. Ihr habt eurern Neulingen mittels vielseitiger Informationen etwas auf die Sprünge geholfen. Das hat mir richtig gut gefallen und deshalb werde ich C4U immer in bester Erinnerung behalten.

Wie gesagt , noch einmal vielen Dank und vielleicht sehen wir uns ja bald mal wieder sei es zum Training oder privat.“
Mathias Zinn (FO Blue Wings)