Train-the-Trainer (SFI/TRI)

Train-the-Trainer (SFI / TRI)

Are you a captain or First Officer who would like to share expertise and experience with other pilots? In compliance with EASA-FCL requirements, Cockpit4u offers individual and practical qualification for pilots who wish to become a Type Rating Instructor (TRI) or Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI). In addition to subject-specific topics, issues relating to knowledge transfer will be focused on and explained such as teaching, personality, communication, feedback and evaluation.

professional pilot license issued by an EASA Member State or a non EASA license acceptable to the Authority
minimum 1500 hours on multi-pilot aeroplanes
successfully completed type rating course

within the last 12 month preceding the application completed:
Proficiency Check
3 legs on applicable aircraft type or
2 LOFT-based simulator sessions

at least 30 route sectors completed within the last 12 months preceding the application, to include take-offs and landings as Pilot-in-Command or Co-Pilot on the applicable aircraft type he will instruct, of which not more than 15 sectors may be completed in a full flight simulator

Course content (FCL.930):

Part 1: 25 hours Teaching and Learning (4 days)

Part 2: 10 hours Technical Theoretical Knowledge Instruction (2 days)

Part 3: 20 hours Flight Instruction (FFS) (5 days)

2 hours Assessment Of Competence (FFS) (1 day)

Training duration:
appr. 12 days