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Pilot Provisioning

Cockpit4u trains and selects pilots for various airlines in the world. The selection process has been fully adapted to the requirements of the specific airlines to ensure that the selected pilots will perfectly match the airlines’ profile.

After registration in our portal your application will be reviewed by a team of experts. Depending on your profile you will be invited for a selection process. Due to the large number of candidates we only tend to contact the most eligible ones.

The selection process will held in Berlin and consists of the following:

  • ATPL general knowledge assessment
  • English test
  • Screening
  • Interview (with the airline)

The selection will take 2 days and once invited we will inform you about the specific schedule applicable to you. Once you have met all the requirements, you are able to start your Type Rating Course for the selected airline at Cockpit4u.

The selection process is free of charge. The applicant bears the costs for travel, accommodation and further expenses.

Once you have received positive feedback from our recruitment team, the screening was up to a good standard and the interview was successful, you will be ready to start your Type Rating training.


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