Type Rating Challenger 850

Type Rating Challenger 850

“Business as usual”, is the motto of the Challenger 850 of Bombardier, which is the "Business Trip Version" of the CRJ 200. Based on the same aircraft configuration the contents and the duration of the Type Rating are identically equal to them of the CRJ 100-900 series. Cockpit4u offers pilots a theoretical und practial training on a high professional level.


Entry requirements

  • valid CPL with ATPL frozen
  • valid ME IR
  • valid Medical Class I
  • fluent English

Course content

  • Ground school (CBT); instructor led from the first day on
  • Cockpit Procedure Training
  • Theory Examination
  • MCC training (optional)
  • CRJ Full Flight Simulator Training
  • Licensing Skill Test
  • Base Training (scheduled separately)


The duration of course is approximately 5 weeks. Base training (6 touch and goes) will be performed with our partner airlines and is scheduled separately after your type rating course.


The course will be scheduled upon request. You can reach us via phone, Skype or e-mail. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 
Our team of experts will be happy to answer all questions regarding the course.