Type Rating B737

Type Rating B737

The course is aimed at pilots who wish to become type rated for the Boeing 737/300-900.
It is conducted according to EASA Part-FCL regulations or DGCA India regulations (CAR Oct 2016).

The Boeing B737 is so far the most produced family of civil steel embossed passenger planes, on which experienced pilots as well as beginners can get a type-oriented educational training. The Type Rating B737 contains CBT and cockpit procedure training as well as practical learning of skills in the simulator. The successful completion of the exams and the base training enable you to gain a licence from the aeronautical authority. Furthermore, you learn differences between the so called B737 classic and NG in special variant trainings.


Entry requirements

  • valid CPL with ATPL frozen
  • valid ME IR
  • valid Medical Class I
  • fluent English

Course content

  • Ground school (CBT); instructor led from the first day on
  • Performance / FMC training
  • B737 Flight Training Device
  • Theory Examination
  • MCC training (optional)
  • B737 Fixed-Base Simulator Training
  • B737 Full Flight Simulator Training
  • Licensing Skill Test
  • Base Training (scheduled separately)


The duration of the Type Rating course is approximately 6 weeks. Base training (6 touch and goes) will be performed with our partner airlines and is scheduled separately after your Type Rating course.


The course will be scheduled upon request. You can reach us via phone, Skype or e-mail. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 
Our team of experts will be happy to answer all questions regarding the course.