Educational Leave - Bremen

Information regarding Educational Leave

Our MCC course Boeing B737 has been recognized by the Hanseatic City of Bremen as an event for educational leave.

Bremen employees have the right to max. ten paid working days within two years for political or professional training. The employer is released from work. The course fees are to be paid by the participant. You can find more information on the legal basis here.

Corresponding regulations exist in almost all federal states of Germany.

For educational leave, the employer must give his employees paid leave for further training, in addition to the regular vacation entitlement. Employees have a legal right to this. (You can find general information on educational leave from the DGB here.)

We would be happy to assist you in getting your course approved for educational leave in your federal state (depending on the place of work).

    Please contact us for further information via email, contact form or telephone +49 30 7551 330 - 0.