Job Application Training & Screening Preparation

Job Application Training & Screening Preparation

Do you want to begin your career as a pilot at a world renowned airline?

Training with us means laying the foundation for your future career. Cockpit4u also supports you in preparing for your job interview. Together, we’ll take a close look at your strengths and weaknesses, and discuss frequently asked questions pertaining to the theoretical and practical aspects of the flight industry. You will receive tips on both body language and elocution.

We are also happy to offer you advice when it comes to putting together your application (cover letter, CV, application photo, covering page) and can help you decide which airline is right for you. Your training will take place in a pleasant atmosphere, with professional instructors and feature real-life job interview scenarios which you will work through individually and in role playing exercises. You will be given feedback throughout your training to ensure that you gain a feeling of assurance and self-confidence.

Cockpit4u will also support you as you prepare for your screening: we will address frequently asked questions of a theoretical and practical nature, and also run through a selection of flight simulator programmes.

After preparing for your interview with an HR manager and your screening, you should be a candidate with plenty of self confidence.
Our MS Word template will also help you write your CV, and ensure that no important information is missing from it.