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Teamwork in flight.

“Teamwork in flight” is not just our slogan, it's our business culture. Career starters on their way to the airline cockpit and experienced professional pilots who need to learn how to fly a different aircraft type can both expect Cockpit4u to cater to their individual needs and support them throughout all stages of theoretical and practical training. Combined with the latest technology, we offer you the best prerequisites for your success.

Permanent crews and a pleasant environment
Our type rating courses consist of permanent crews – your team. Your lodging and the Training and Simulator Centre are all in close proximity to each other. The pleasant atmosphere of our campus facilitates your learning and training with us.

Contacts for your professional network
Cockpit4u will also be there for you when you start your career. Most of our trainers are professional pilots who work for world renowned airlines. We also regularly hold informational events on the pilot profession, where you’ll receive plenty of information on what it’s like to work for airlines and in the cockpit. You can start networking at these events too. If you are asked for a job interview, our screening and job application training will help you to present yourself in the best possible way.

Training, recruiting and screening for airlines
Airlines consider us to be the right partners for them. This is because we – and our instructors around the world – cater to your needs as we work together with them. Berlin is an exciting city which will remain our base, but you can use our training and simulator centres around the globe.

The latest learning aids and technical innovations
Our modern teaching aids help you as a trainee to work through complex subject matter in an efficient manner.

Fully functioning electronic mockups and the new B737 Fixed Base Simulator, which is currently the only one available in Germany, will make your Full Flight Simulator experience and later working in a real cockpit easier.

The latest Full Flight Simulators
Cockpit4u cooperates with innovative developers and leading simulator operators around the world. You benefit from this, because it means that all technical equipment used by Cockpit4u is always state of the art. And as soon as there is a technical development, Cockpit4u will have it available at your disposal.


Cockpit4u Aviation Service GmbH has been authorised as a type rating training company by the Federal Aviation Office of Germany in accordance with EASA – FCL (DE.ATO.087 EASA).

The resulting authorisations (MCC, TR) and teaching licenses (TRI, SFI) apply to the entire Airbus and Boeing fleet as well as to Bombardier and Dassault.

Permit Luftfahrt Bundesamt